Welcome to Boutiquerez.com
One Stop Digital Marketing for your Hotel.
Over 15 years of experience with Reservations, Web Design, SEO, Reputation Management, Marketing, GDS, and more.
Template Websites
Graphically Rich Websites, Search Engine Optimized, Content Rich for Organic Indexing, and Complete Control of Content on Website, Reservations, and Facebook
Integrate Your Reservation program from Brand.com or other company
Optional useof our Reservation Program for 2.5% with Specials.
Mobile Platforms
Cross platform with maximum exposure and ease of use including Mobile Reservation Program
Increase Online Revenue
with our Integrated GDS platform along with Expedia Quick Connect. PMS Interfacing also available.
Understand Analytics on Website
Complete set of tools to understand Targeted Conversions, ROI on Marketing Decisions, Visitors and habits to maximize revenue.


Hotel Name


Manager    Front Desk

Boutique Rez

  • Intial setup of Website and Pictures done by Boutique Rez
  • Complete Integration with Website, Mobile, and Facebook
  • Complete Control of Website
  • Promotions
  • Unlimited Web Pages
  • Integrate your Booking Engine
  • Detailed Marketing Analysis and ROI
  • Marketing Tools for Increased Sales. Google Adword, Review of Competition's Links , Email Blasts.
  • Social Media Maintenance and Online Reputation.



  • Subscription Pricing with no upfront Fees
  • Integration with Existing Reservation Program.
  • Easy to use platform to have all digital media supported from one backend
  • Complete Setup of Pictures and Website by Boutique Rez
  • Boutique Rez has over 500 hotels and growing
  • Beta Testing 5 Hotels for Red Roof Inn Corporate

Welcome to BOUTIQUEREZ.com

One Stop Digital Marketing for your Hotel

Let Boutique Rez help guide you to increased revenue with over 15 years experience and 500 Hotel Clients. Take full control of your Digital Internet Marketing and Pricing & Availability with our easy to use backend with Free Phone Support.

Setup of your website can be done with just 10 minutes of your time with choice of template, domain name, and digital pictures. We will setup your website, social media, mobile website done within 7 days. No Hastle. Setup and traing of backend program can be done in 15 minutes. We will do initial setup of website and pictures

Standard Subscription:

  • We will do Initial Setup of Website and Pictures

  • NO Upfront Fees

  • Integrate your Reservation Program

  • Monthly Subscription $79 with NO SETUP FEES & NO CONTRACT

  • Choice of Templates

  • Mobile Website to cross platforms

  • Full Control of Website, Mobile, Facebook

  • Use our Program for Group Reservations, Trip Connect Integration with Trip Advisor, Expedia Quick Connect, Promotions for Free

  • Promotions on Every Page

  • Complete Statistics with Google Analytics, and Google Adword Conversion.

  • Facebook Page with Reservation Conversion Links.

  • Social Media Setup with Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, You Tube, & Google Plus.

  • Complete SEO and Internet Marketing of Website

  • Foreign Languages with Google Translation

  • Multiple Hotels with Admin Pannel & Portal System.

  • Free Phone Support


  • Use our Reservation Program for 2.5% with Calendar and Bookable Specials and $29 reduction of Monthly Subscription.

  • SEM with Google Adword Monthly Maintenance for $10/month.

  • Digital Marketing $40/month

    • Includes setup of Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and You Tube Video
    • Once a week answer Reviews Trip Advisor, Facebook, Yelp, and Google.
    • Once a month call hotel for current events and add to Facebook, Twitter, Google PLus, and Front of website.


Template Website Design

Graphically rich website templates available. Boutique Rez has over 15 years of experience in design and preperation of your website.

Mobile Website

Increase online exposure with cross platform views of website on all devices ranging from desktops, laptops with extended screen, Ipads, and Mobile devices. Boutique Rez also has a mobile reservation program to help ensure a quick way of customers to book rooms.

Booking Engine

Over 15 years of development on our booking system with an easy to use calendar for clients to see availability and minimum nights stay. Group Reservations, Promotional Rates, Travel Agent Rates are also available. Calendar based backend for easy maintenance of pricing and availability. Bookable online specials and online reservations available for 2.5% commission.

Search Engine Optimization

Boutique Rez will ensure Search Engine Optimization with 15 years of experience and use of Meta Tags, Keyword Relevancy, Local Area Content, Travel Directory inclusion on 500 Websites, Google Site Map, Submission All Search Engines, Aleza, DMOZ, Yelp, Kayak, and more. Search Engine Marketing with Google Adwords, Email Blasts, Social Media Setup, Review Maintenance available.


Powerful statistical tools will help with understanding performance of website with visitor information, sales conversions, ROI;s on marketing startegys, google adword conversions with dollar amounts and more to help you make informed decisions to maxamize your websites potential.


Social media is a powerful tool to help get online reservations. Our system will update the fan page of Facebook automatically with updates made on backend. We will also setup twitter, you tube with video and google plus to help maxamize sales.

Foreign Languages

Bouitque Rez can do several languages for your website along with use of multiple languages and currency on our reservation program so the booking experience is 99% in the foreign language. We will use a translator program to do the website but you will have the ability to make some adjustments. We will also make sure that all the SEO for the home page is done and submitted for the corresponding google search engine in that foreign language.


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